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Wie sind die Winx zusammen? Bloom-Sky; Stella-Brandon; Flora Helia; Tecna- Timmy; Musa-Nabu; Layla-Riven. Bloom- Brandon; Stella-Sky;. Flora is from Linphea, the Guardian Fairy of Linphea, one of the founding members of the Winx Birthday ‎: ‎March 1. Winx club Flora ♪♥. likes · 11 talking about this. -Welcome to page.:) - Dobrodošli na stranicu.:) By: Winx Club Flora. Selina poisons the flowers which Flora smells and faints. Daphne has lost her confidence, so the Winx leave to try to find the "Inspiration of Sirenix" in Lake Roccaluce, which the Sirenix Guardians said it can inspire Daphne to use her power. This was enough to cause her to write Helia's name in her notebook, daydream about him in class and present yellow flowers to him at his window. They are quickly pulled out of their collective funk by Ace, who is much more eccentric than usual, as he has them participate in a treacherous water ski race to Mako Island against a group of five muscle-bound men known as "The Sharks. She also makes a new friend, a fairy called Aisha.

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Winx Club Season 6 Episode 10 The Secret Greenhouse: Alfea's Abandoned Greenhouse Flora then dances before the mirror where she is struck with a sad thought about Helia, suddenly someone releases a stream of living origami birds that start to fly around Flora. Flora calling her Transformation. In Listen to Your Heart Flora along with the rest of the Winx minus Bloom were playing a volleyball game against some other girls including Princess Krystal, who was on the opposite team. Other things coming soon Alfea Winx Club Specialists Linphea Www.star wars the clone wars.de WOW S1. After the Winx lost, Helia was about to go over and speak to Flora but bubble gamw interrupted by Krystal who came up and hugged. Flora can also create huge vine barriers to trap her enemy or protect those surrounded by it.

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Benutzer, die Adblocker einsetzen, haben eine modifizierte Ansicht der Seite. At the party, the Trix interrupt and make a creature, the Beast of the Depths , attacks the guests and everyone at the event. Flora's Believix outfit is a pink and fuchsia, petal-themed sleeveless, midriff-bearing top and a pink, petal-shaped skirt with a yellow string tying it in place and lime green frills underneath. Flora is shown to be a very sweet, shy, genuine, calming person who loves plants and vegetation of all kinds. She can also control forests and manipulate the earth and its energy. Flora's Winx outfit is primarily fuchsia and orchid in color, and consists of a sparkling one piece, bare shouldered top that conceals a pair of mini shorts of the same color, and ankle-high boots also the same color. Flora's Sophix outfit is a green and pink leaf top with lime and green skirt. When Flora locates the Lilo in the mall, the Trix intervenes and she along with the other Winx must fight them. Quest for the Codex. Alfea Winx Club Specialists Linphea WOW WOW S1. As the months pass by, however, Flora and the others eventually visit Earth where Bloom is depressed over her still-incomplete Enchantix powers and not knowing how to find her missing birth parents. flora winx Auch bei FANDOM Zufälliges Wiki. Her wings are mainly green with the back part white. Quest for the Codex. Aisha then explains her situation to the Winx, but only Stella, Bloom and Aisha went to rescue the Pixies. At the party, the Trix interrupt and make a creature, the Beast of the Depths , attacks the guests and everyone at the event. Hier ist meine magische Pflanze Das Geheimnis des Ozeans Comics Charaktere Hauptcharaktere Weiblich Batman online games free Charmix Enchantix Believix Speedix Tracix Zoomix Lovix Sophix Harmonix Sirenix Bloomix Mythix Butterflix Tynix Flora Helia Linphea Alfea Verbindung des Lichts Staffel 1 Staffel 2 Staffel 3 Staffel 4 Staffel 5 Staffel 6 Avatar der herr der elemente spiele kostenlos 7. Icy was extremely cheesed off and her temper, combined with the release of her powers was enough to break Miss Griffin's barrier. Talents WOW Staff Villains Shadow Counterparts. Sie sind alle mit mir befreundet und wir haben uns in Alfea getroffen. Magische Dimension Magix Domino Solaria Linphea Melody Zenith Andros. Flora is one of the most diligent student at Alfea and is cautious of her actions. Flora calling her Transformation Flora in Season 3 In the third season, Flora and the rest of the Winx went to Linphea to get the water in the stream to rechen spiele Faragonda after she was attacked by Valtor and turned into a tree.

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